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Dr. Ece Kamar is a Partner Research Area Manager at Microsoft Research Redmond overseeing the research on Human-centered AI. She is also an affiliate faculty at the University of Washington. Her research investigates research problems at the intersection of AI systems, people and our society; exploring how limitations of AI systems lead to concerns around biases, reliability and safety problems, investigating novel ways for AI systems to support people, and finally developing frameworks for human-AI teamwork for complementarity. Ece also serves as the Technical Advisor of Microsoft's company-wide committee on AI, Ethics and Effects in Engineering and Research (AETHER). In her advisory role, she consults product teams at Microsoft on issues around Responsible AI, helps to develop best practices, tools and guidance to support the development of responsible, unbiased and reliable AI systems for the open-world. She has over 60 peer-reviewed publications at the top AI and HCI venues and served in the first Study Panel of Stanford’s 100 Year Study of AI (AI100).  

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